Strategic Partner

PT. Tron cooperates with PT. Technology Karya Digital Nusa provides cashless payment (wallet) & e-Ticketing platform for Teman Bus and Micro Mobility.
Teman Bus
Teman Bus is Buy The Service implementation program from the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia for the development of road-based urban public transportation that uses reliable and non-cash-based telematics technology to improve safety and security as well as the convenience of your mobilization. Teman Bus is already running in 2020 at 5 cities, and will increase to 3 cities in 2021.
Micro Mobility
Teman Bus – Micro Mobility is a feature within the Teman Bus app that provides Electric Bike sharing service in areas that are connected to BRT main route.
We are planning to pilot this service in Bali’s Tourism areas using 1000 bikes that cover more than 100 Points of Interest.
Steps to Use Micro Mobility Services
1. Download and Register Teman Bus App
2. Open the Micro Mobility Service Menu
3. Check the nearest docking location
4. Scan the QR Code Electric Bike
5. Electric Bike Ready to Use
6. Return the Electric Bike at the Nearest Docking