Your vehicle tracking and security system solution.
TRON Finder is a Transportation Management System that uses a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and combined with the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).
This technology allows you to track and monitor the position of your vehicle in real-time and serves as a safety device for your vehicle.
TRON Finder Advantages
- Real-time monitoring of vehicle position.
- Vehicle monitoring; speed control, travel routes, vehicle stops and vehicle safety
- Features are diverse and can be adjusted to needs.
- Increase the company's productivity and services so that it can reduce operational costs.
- Easy integration can be adapted to data needs.
- Cost savings, the price is ideal so that it helps manage your operational costs.
- A complete and customizable report dashboard to suit your needs.

TRON Finder Features That Can Be Tailored To Your Company's Needs

Alarm Notification Features
- All notifications are listed in the report dashboard and automatically sent by email
- Notification of vehicle registration / SIM validity period
- Driver's behavior notification
- Fleet checkpoint notification that goes out/in from the specified zone
Rute Features
- Create multiple maps of fleet travel paths
Maintenance Features
- Fleet repair schedule
Road Features
- Make a fleet road order
Monitoring Features
- Realtime map tracking trips and fleet status (last update, parking, idle, driving, maintenance, etc)
- Schematic, for the needs of the bus fleet in order to be able to determine and see the stop points (stops)
Report Features
- Trip report
- Reports on events and fleet status
- Fleet checkpoint report