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Q: How do I order a vehicle?

A: Download our application for free (on Android & iOS), register yourself with TRON, and

Order your vehicle in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Move your map until the purple mark is in the location you want, select the "Enter Pickup Point" button. You can also manually type your address in the desired location and select the exact location based on the location.

Step 2: Slide the map until there is a purple sign in the location you want and select "Enter a Drop Point." You can also manually select the address in the search field and select the exact location based on the order of locations. TRON will check available vehicles and connect with the closest ones around you.

Step 3: See driving offers on the proposal screen (you might get several choices with different vehicle options and time estimates). Choose the one that suits you and select "Book this trip." All details will be displayed, including the exact location and information of the car that will pick you up.

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