Bekasi City Government Test City Transport Based Online Application

02 May 2019 - Administrator Aplikasi

The Bekasi City Government is developing an online application of city public transportation (angkot). This online public transportation named Tron is being tested.

"The trial, we will test in two zones," said Kadishub of Bekasi City, Yayan, when contacted on Wednesday (4/24/2019).

This online public transportation is a collaboration between Bekasi City Government and technology company PT Teknologi Rancang Olah Nusantara (Tron). People can upload the application on a smartphone.


Currently there are already several angkot, especially K.11 which switch to using online applications. Distribution of this online angkot route itself is currently divided into two zones.

"Meanwhile, only two zones, the Rawalumbu zone and the Naragong zone, Jatiasih will follow," he said.

As with motorcycle taxis and online taxis which are currently developing, this online public transportation was created to make passengers less comfortable accessing public transportation. Public transportation will pick up passengers to the pickup point.

"Why do we use angkot online, the route will be free. For example, being able to serve passengers is picked up here, besides the existing routes, he is given by us to serve passengers outside the route," he said.

Head of Public Relations Tron Andy said that his party continued to socialize this online public transportation to transport drivers. Currently only dozens of angkot are partnering with Tron.

"We will socialize directly to the public transportation pools," said Andy.

Drivers who partnered with Tron were promised incentives. They also do not need to deposit to Tron, only to the fleet owner.

"They process the same as before, deposit them together with the management. They have not deposited them, because we only help them in this ordering system," Andy said.

When asked about the inclusion of TRON, Andy did not answer in detail. He said the drivers would get daily incentives.

"We have an incentive system so that they (drivers) are more active, the numbers do not need to be called, it encourages them that with Tron they are more advanced," Andy said.

AFP monitoring, physical appearance of public transportation like public transportation in general. However, online angkot is equipped with a sticker that reads TRON on the front and back.

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