The Trans Patriot bus officially launches with the TRON application "booking" technology

17 Sep 2019 - Administrator Aplikasi

KONTAN.CO.ID -JAKARTA. To ease the mobility of Bekasi City residents, the Bekasi City Transportation Office officially operates 20 Trans patriot bus units, Thursday (8/22).

The operation of 20 Transpatriot units in Bekasi is inseparable from the role of PT Teknologi Rancang Olah Nusantara (TRON) which continues to encourage digitalization in public transportation services in Bekasi City.


TRON has cooperated with BUMD, Patriot Partner Regional Company (PDMP) and TransPatriot operator, PT Priatman Sarana Abadi (PSA). TRON is an application for ordering TransPatriot city transportation to improve services to the community in terms of providing transportation facilities.

"We are very pleased to be part of the history of Bekasi City in improving public transportation," TRON CEO David Santoso said in a press release on Thursday (8/22).

David added that starting today the TRON service can be used to order TransPatriot. The route that can be ordered through a Telegram account is Corridor 2 (Wisma Asri - Sumber Arta) Corridor 3 (Vida - Summarecon).

"For introductions, we provide a free promo ride TransPatriot when ordering through a Telegram account until further notice. We expect that with more complete public transport in Bekasi, Bekasi residents can start switching from private vehicles to public transportation," said the Head of Marketing TRON Sultan Knight.


"For the initial stage, people can order TRON services through a Telegram account. It is very easy to just start a conversation in Telegram with @trontranspatriotbot then choose the bus route, the number of passengers, choose the nearest bus stop and select an order," he said.

Deputy Mayor of Bekasi City, Tri Adhianto Tjahyono, said that he hoped that the additional services in the new corridor would generate public interest and provide benefits in the Bekasi economic sector. "Because the tariffs are cheaper and technology-based services are added," he said.

Secretary of the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Cucu Mulyana also added that the Ministry of Transportation sent 20 units of Buses to the Bekasi City Government to encourage mass transportation services in urban areas.

"Hopefully this mass transportation can be better for the people of Bekasi and the corridor hopes to increase, and the fleet can also increase further in the future," said Cucu Mulyana.


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