Angkot Daring Kabupaten Bandung cashless and anti wait for sufficient numbers (of passengers).

27 Mar 2020 - Administrator Aplikasi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG - After receiving the first online public transportation in Bandung Regency, now the public can enjoy the cashless feature or non-cash payment to take an angkot, specifically on the Soreang-Banjaran route. The Bandung District Government is very enthusiastic about working with PT Teknologi Rancang Olah Nusantara (TRON) to improve public transportation services online. With the launch of the cashless feature, this online angkot is expected to be the first choice for community mobilization, especially in the Soreang - Banjaran area.

Regarding online public transportation, TRON CEO David Santoso said, his party supports government programs to be part of the smart city program and supports the cashless society. Now is the time for people to switch to non-cash payments because in addition to the many promos, they also don't need to carry cash.

"For parents who want to order angkot for their children going to or leaving school, it is also simpler and safer with this online angkot, can be monitored or not picked up from the application," he said based on the release received by

Meanwhile, Head of the Bandung Regency Transportation Agency H Zeis Zultaqawa said the Sambara Satalen program became an icon of the Bandung District Transportation Agency's special program. "The Sambara Satalen program is to improve integrated public transportation services, both mass public transportation, feeders, and environmental transportation. The plan, all routes in Bandung Regency must participate in this online digitization program. Moreover, it is currently in the Covid-19 outbreak, where cash can be the carrier of the virus. So, this cashless feature is very good for passenger safety. Another point is that if a user using the application can be traced by TRON and Dishub whoever takes the angkot, and also there is transparency of good revenue recording for drivers and entrepreneurs, "said Zeis

Managing Director of PT TBR TRON West Java Regional Juli Tadarus said there would be an addition of hundreds of angkot in a number of new routes in the near future. "Yes, we continue to educate the transportation entrepreneurs and drivers in the West Java area, especially Bandung Raya, to participate in this online public transportation program. Next month there are hundreds of drivers who have committed to join us in several areas, namely the Cileunyi – Cicalengka – Nagrek route, the Cicalengka – Cijolang route, and the Cicalengka – Rancaekek – Majalaya route, ”he said.

The TRON application can now be downloaded at Playstore by searching for "TRON - Online Transportation". The way to order is for the user to choose the nearest virtual stop and enter the number of passengers. Maximum passengers are five people for one booking. Then, the customer chooses a cash or non-cash payment method, then orders. The ordered angkots go directly to pick up and do not use ngetem. So, users with high mobilization need not worry about being late to the destination because there is an estimated time in the application.

The difference between online angkot that works with TRON and regular angkot is that online angkot has TRON stickers on the front and back of the car. In addition, on the right and left sides of the angkot body there are hull numbers such as TBR-0001 and TBR-0002 to make it easier for passengers to know the angkot that is picking him up.

David is targeting to expand to other cities. He said he wanted to operate thousands of angkot, bus and bajaj using the TRON application until the end of 2020. He also opened opportunities for cooperation with other partners.


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