Public Transportation

So far, passengers can only use public transportation according to the area traversed by the route / route. The long distance from the passenger's location to the bus stop and frequent public transportation is a difficult problem to solve.

TRON is an online application for ordering public transportation (such as Angkot, Bajaj, Bajaj Qute, Bus, Shuttle, etc.) online and based on Ride-Sharing. If previously public transportation operated on a Point to Point basis, now with the TRON application it can operate on an On Demand basis where for pick-ups, passengers will be directed to the nearest virtual stop. Passengers do not have to worry about waiting long because the TRON application automatically searches for the nearest transportation. Currently TRON has served the Angkot & TransPatriot Bus routes in the Bekasi and Bandung areas.

TRON also provides solutions for customers who don't have a smartphone by contacting our call center to enjoy pick-up services with TRON. Another convenience is that passengers / drivers no longer need to prepare change because TRON is working with an electronic money service provider, namely KasPro which is connected to the DOMPETRON balance. The TRON application can be downloaded on the Playstore or Appstore and can only be used on public transportation that has the TRON mark or logo.


We currently serve the Bekasi TransPatriot Angkot & Bus route and is currently expanding to other routes and cities.