JAKPARKIR is a reservation application solution for road parking in the DKI Jakarta area. Vehicle owners can reserve parking slots prior to arrival, view empty parking spaces and make cashless payments or via the QRIS payment method via the app.
In addition to applications for parking users, TRON has also developed an integrated command center dashboard and supervisor application so that it can provide data in real time.
JAKPARKIR available in 3 area (Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Pusat & Jakarta Timur) and will expand the area in 2021.

Our Platform Technology for Jakparkir Solutions
- We utilize the applications with integrated features and platforms for ordering and payment services.
- User, Jukir and Supervisor application platform development capabilities
- Service feature capability to pay with QRIS
- Service feature capability for prepaid ordering
- Ability to develop a dashboard platform providing realtime transactions
- Real-time revenue sharing between Jukir and Regulator
- Ability to provide completion reports via TRON Ledger
- Payment feature via "Dompetjak"
- Chip-based card payment features (including Bank DKI) that can be verified through the Jukir application