Cashless System

We developed a non-cash payment system to make it easier for users to make transactions, such as:

- Electronic wallets (DOMPETRON, DompetJak, Wallet Organda), which are also supported by the use of the QRIS system.
- Electronic ticket, which can be VERIFIED OFFLINE (no internet connection required) when verifying on a special device installed in public transportation using encrypted voice technology.
- Payment from a non-cash card using a special ToB reader (tap on bus) and can be verified directly through the application.

DompetJak Collaboration with Bank DKI

DompetJak is KasPro wallet white labeling that can be used as electronic payment (wallet) for Parking transactions in the Jakparkir app and also purchasing Bus tickets in the Jakarta Electronic Ticketing platform (Jaketbus) Bus app.
In the future DompetJak will potentially use in all DKI Jakarta environment to support cashless initiatives i.e ETLE, local retribution, incentives or direct cash subsidy.